Skychild Series

The Skychild Wall Relief series‚Äč continues my preoccupation with primal oppositions: innocence/iniquity, death/life, love/fear. I have the intent to break ordinary preconceptions and dissolve apparent differences by linking a child and a death figure in non-adversarial relationships.

"Game of Marbles," by Paula Rice

"Skullman as Juggler," by Paula Rice

"Flying Skychild," by Paula Rice

"Skychild with Skullman," by Paula Rice

"Skychild with Skullman as Spaniel,"
                       by Paula Rice

"Death Game," by Paula Rice

"Slow Dance," by Paula Rice

"Dancing for Skullman, by Paula Rice

© copyright | Paula Rice | 2012-2014

cover photography by Betsey Bruner, Words & Images
other photography by Tom Alexander