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I am fortunate to live in the Dark Sky City of Flagstaff, Arizona, where I have spent many hours looking up at the sky in the dead of night. I have searched images from the Hubble Telescope and new information from space, amazed at the vast wilderness that has been brought home to us on Earth for the first time.

There is in me something that seeks out there in space something like me, like us, an original response.  But photographs of alien landscapes are fierce, hostile, and silent.

My art is a way for me to bridge the gap.  "The Planet Series" is a way for me to grapple with a vast reality, to somehow make sense of it, to add the human element, and bring it down to human size.​

Paula Rice

Flagstaff, Arizona 

© copyright | Paula Rice | 2012-2014

cover photography by Betsey Bruner, Words & Images
other photography by Tom Alexander